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ChatGPT vs. Herbie   herbie

How I Think About Research Projects   research

Top-down LR parsing   prog

MegaLibm: a Math Library Workbench   research

Improving Rust with Herbie   herbie

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A new era for Herbie   herbie

Optimizing Pruning in Herbie   herbie

An update on Herbie, Summer 2022   herbie

Speeding up Skia using E-graphs   research

Epsilon and Delta in Error Models   research

Binding in E-graphs   research

Synthesizing Range Reductions   herbie

An Accurate Quadratic Formula   herbie

User Trust in Herbie   herbie

Fuzzing for Layout Invalidation Bugs   research

Understanding Error Taylor Series   herbie

A DSL for Math Library Implementation   herbie

Balancing Multiple Garbage Collectors   research

Detecting Symmetric Expressions   herbie

A Software Verification Project   prog

Using Egg in Herbie   herbie

A Feb 2020 look at Herbie   herbie

Verification Beyond Functions   pl

Herbie in 2019   herbie

Why are Shell Scripts Bad?   pl

Parallel Line Breaking   research

Proof Systems as Operating Systems   pl

A Survey of PL Blogging (Part 2)   pl

My job market materials   research

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Data   pl

Architecture Patterns   pl

Long-term Goals for Herbie   herbie

Sub-specifications   research pl

Was Lower Case Designed for Reading Speed   misc

Learning Shame   math

Designing Libraries like Languages   pl

What's Wrong with CSS?   prog

Categories for Function Reactive Programming   pl

Crosswords: Selective Crossword Submissions   misc

Crosswords: Dedicated Crossword Practice   misc

Crosswords: You Start Off Bad at Crosswords   misc

Crosswords: Crossword Science with Stan   misc

How I Track Todos   misc

Remembering the Herbie Visualizer   pl

Social Processes in Package Managers   prog

Programs as Patchwork   pl

First Impressions with Typed Racket   herbie

Solving Resistance   prog misc

Not Quite Pushouts   math

Programming with Pushouts   math

Cryptic Mastermind with Z3   prog

A Survey of PL Blogging (Part 1)   research

A Game Theory of Primaries   math

WIP: Programming by Voice   prog

Assigning Meaning to Open Terms   pl

Floating Point Error in Polynomials   herbie

Floating Point Error in the Small   herbie

Functions and Relations in First-order Logic   pl

How Cassius Works   css

Variary Functions in Coq   pl

Blame Analysis and Local Error   fp

Modularity for Verdi   research

Exact Geometric Operations   herbie

Unpublished blog posts in Magit   misc

Why Equality?   pl

Paper Statistics with TimeTracker   research

Shadow Icons with CSS   css

How CSS Floats Work   css

Multi-command-line in Racket   herbie

A Fine Language   pl

Grammars in Racket   prog

How Herbie Happened   herbie

Bimodal Logic   math misc

Rational Rationality   math misc

Moral Prisoners   math

Models of Modal Logic   math

What is Modal Logic?   math

Solving the Prisoners’ Dilemma   math

First-order Logic is a Modal Logic   pl

Designing the PLSE Logo   prog

Quadrature in Bash   prog

Equal Functions in ITT   pl

Well-Suited (a story)   misc

WIP: Refinement in Mathematics   math

Zippers: Multi-Zippers (Part 4 of 4)   algs

Models from Models   math

Game-theoretic Protesters   math

Pedestrian Statistics   math

Logarithms of Taylor Expansions   math prog

Hyperbolic sines in math.js   fp

Taylor Expansions of Taylor Expansions   math

Arbitrary Precision, not Arbitrary Accuracy   fp

Complex Square Roots in math.js   fp

The Eigenvalue Game   math

Paper Statistics with Git   research

Models: Defining a Logic (Part 2 of 6)   math

Models: What is a model? (Part 1 of 6)   math

Floating Point Guarantees   fp

Major Key (a puzzle)   misc

Age-aware: Tree Lookup (Part 2 of 4)   algs

Age-aware: Age-aware Array Search (Part 1 of 4)   algs

Fixed points: Stability (Part 4 of 4)   pl

Stream Fuse Carefully   pl

Plotting Functions in D3   prog

Pairs in Hindley-Milner Languages   pl

Fixed points: Attraction and Orders (Part 3 of 4)   pl

Fixed points: Fixed behaviors (Part 2 of 4)   pl

Fixed points: What is a fixed point? (Part 1 of 4)   pl

The Gaussian and the Sine   math

Tea physics   misc

Xifed points   pl

(call/cc call/cc) and friends   pl

Engineering Taste   prog

Organizing Objects   misc

A Critique of ADT.scm   prog

Uniqode (a puzzle)   misc

Typing Analytics in Emacs   misc

Forward with Federated   prog

Package Management for the 21.1st Century   misc

The Law of Demeter, and a question of design   pl

The Levels of Concurrency   pl

Time, Clocks, and an Implementation in Erlang   algs

Zippers: Kiselyov Zippers (Part 3 of 4)   algs

Zippers: Zippers as Derivatives (Part 2 of 4)   algs

Zippers: Huet Zippers (Part 1 of 4)   algs

Injection is a Display-level Problem   prog

Programming With Types   pl

MIT Zephyr from Arch Linux   misc

Using Org-mode to Publish a Website   misc

Treaps: The Magical Awesome BBT   algs

Installing Ubuntu on LVM   misc

Sequences, Series, and Recursion   math

How to Draw a Heart in Polar Coordinates   math

7919, 7853, and Li(x)   math