Pavel Panchekha


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Faculty Application

I am applying for tenure-track faculty positions (Assistant Professorships) this year. I expect to graduate from the University of Washington with a Ph.D. in June 2019, completed under my advisors Zachary Tatlock and Michael Ernst.

You can contact me for more information at


My research develops practical tools that help programmers analyze, verify, and improve programs. I draw upon programming languages techniques from superoptimization, satisfiability modulo theory, and proof assistants, and apply them in domains from mathematical analysis to user interface design. I have built tools that translate scientific formulas into accurate floating-point programs and I have proved that web pages are accessible to users with visual and sensorimotor disabilities.

My first-author papers are:

The full list of my major papers can be found in my CV.


I have a dedication to teaching and mentorship. As a graduate student, I have closely mentored four undergraduates, of whom two are now in well-ranked graduate schools and two are applying this year. I have also participated in and then administered the graduate student mentoring program. I have also helped develop new, more applied curricula for the machine learning and compilers courses that I have TAd.