Pavel Panchekha


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Zinny the wizard loves making potions with all sorts of strange names. If only he could tell them apart…

tailless brakcet maiyamok boundary
lz mashfaat fl trailing
spirant aligned fricative shiyyaalaa
phaarkaa close qp lingsa
hoy kra birga coronis
shya cheikhei enumeration paluta
gbakurunen ratio afsaaq asterisks
limit rule complement angkhankhu
sbrul therefore chen pameneng
mangalam ziqaa kaan bariyoosan
faamae nigidamin carystian muan
ilimmu4 beyyal tvimadur keow
belgthor ussu3 esh21 surya
koghom genitive late annaau
imin3 naxian cyrenaic fongman
kovuu arlaug leading zaef
mnyam atmaau seventh asteriscus
locative tenth pushpika satkaankuu
intersyllabic wiang less purnama
ninth early panglong ahang
esh16 fifth delphic sawan
stratian pareren metobelus siki
nigidaesh limmu4 luhur pinarboras
hoi tirta plethron bskur
messenian ash9 editorial indirect

Note: This puzzle is also available in PDF form.

Edit: The previous version has gone out of date. Please do not try solving it unless we go back to 2012 again.