Pavel Panchekha


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Pavel Panchekha


I am Pavel Panchekha. I apply programming languages techniques to web browsers and numerical analysis at the University of Utah.

I am recruiting PhD students. Get in touch!


Web Browsers and Web Applications

Numerical Analysis and Accuracy Repair

Side projects


Web Browser Engineering

  • How a web browser works, from top to bottom
  • Following my textbook, plus advanced material

Software Verification

  • Proving that a program does not have (certain) bugs
  • Focus on SMT-aided theorem proving


I am currently advising Ian Briggs (PhD), Marisa Kirisame (PhD), Nathan Davis (MS), and Oliver Flatt (BS).

I have previous advised or mentored Skyler Griffith (BS), William Shupe (MS), JJ Garzella (BS), David Thien (BS) Adam T. Geller (BS), Jason (Chen) Qiu (BS), Alex Sanchez-Stern (BS).