Pavel Panchekha


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Pavel Panchekha


I am Pavel Panchekha. I apply programming languages techniques to web browsers and numerical analysis at the University of Utah.

I am recruiting PhD students. Get in touch!

My main research direction is improving web browsers, including work on formalizing browser layout, fuzzing layout correctness properties, multi-tenant garbage collection, and automatic and modular web layout verification. I'm also interested in selector matching, invalidation algorithms, and attribute grammars. Since web browser internals are not widely understood, I am also writing a textbook on web browser implementations.

Separately, I also study automated numerical analysis, including automatic accuracy improvement, synthesis via term rewriting, sound static analysis for accuracy, automatic program tuning, computed real algorithms, and math library implementation. More generally, I am interested in developing novel tools to help numerical software engineers. I also lead the FPBench project, which develops benchmarks, tools, and standards for the numerical research community.

I am currently advising Ian Briggs (PhD), Marisa Kirisame (PhD), Pranav Shenoy (MS), Ayushi Sharma (MS), and Oliver Flatt (BS).

I have previous advised or mentored Nathan Davis (MS), Skyler Griffith (BS), William Shupe (MS), JJ Garzella (BS), David Thien (BS), Adam T. Geller (BS), Jason (Chen) Qiu (BS), Alex Sanchez-Stern (BS).

And if you're interested, check out my side projects on better Wi-Fi bit-rate adaptation, recording and visualizing my time use, and plotting complex functions in high resolution.