Pavel Panchekha


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Pavel Panchekha


I am Pavel Panchekha. I apply programming languages techniques to web browsers and numerical analysis at the University of Utah.

I am recruiting PhD students. Get in touch!

Web browsers

I research web browser internals. Past projects include:

I am writing a textbook on web browsers, which inspires a lot of these projects.

Automated numerics

I also work on automatic numerical analysis. Past projects include:

I lead the FPBench and Herbie projects, where a lot of my research is deployed.


I am currently advising Ian Briggs (PhD), Marisa Kirisame (PhD), Yash Lad (MS), Zane Enders (BS), Jackson Brough (BS).

I have previous advised or mentored Pranav Shenoy (MS), Yuvaraj Chesetti (MS), Ayushi Sharma (MS), Oliver Flatt (BS), Nathan Davis (MS), Skyler Griffith (BS), William Shupe (MS), JJ Garzella (BS), David Thien (BS), Adam T. Geller (BS), Jason (Chen) Qiu (BS), Alex Sanchez-Stern (BS).