Pavel Panchekha


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Looking for PhD Students

I am currently looking for PhD students. Broadly, my research is in applied programming languages theory. My current interests are on web browsers and floating-point accuracy.

In web browsers, I am interested in web browsers as 1) a systems-style application, which PL techniques can speed up; and 2) an application platform, where PL techniques can analyze the applications themselves or tailor the browser to the application. I am particularly interested in the parts of the browser that are not the JavaScript engine, since those are less-studied, especially by PL-trained people.

In floating-point accuracy, I am interested in developing tools to improve accuracy and performance for both small and large numerical programs. This has become especially important with the rise of AI, ML, and robotics, and also as custom hardware multiplies the possible hardware number representations.

If you are interested in these topics, please get in touch and apply to Utah. I'm always happy to talk to potential students.