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Defending the Web

People chasing the chimera of the browser as universal app platform have lost the forest for the trees. Do you really expect me to take a dev platform seriously that can't be versioned and is constantly being changed out from underneath users?

I don't envy QA teams working on web apps.

— cageface, on "The myth of the 'modern browser'" 11

I am 100% with Carmack. Sorry, guy. JavaScript is crap. The reasons that JavaScript sucks have been hashed to death in the past. If you are already disagreeing with me, then anything I say here won't change your mind, because you've already heard the arguments before and built up a repertoire of responses. That's fine, whatever floats your boat. Lots of fun games have been, and will be written, in silly languages like JavaScript and ActionScript and whatever. People used to write games in assembly, and they were still fun. In the end, it's the game that matters.

— tumult, on "Letter to John Carmack" 22

Now we have an entire generation of programmers for whom statically typed languages, and compiled languages in general, are completely alien. There is a time and a place for dynamic typing (just as there is a time and place for GOTO) but to start with a language like javascipt inculcates habits that will take years to undue.

— bradleyjg, on "Letter to John Carmack" 22

I totally agree with Carmack. Why the hell crap technologies dominate all the time? HTML5 and JavaScript is the most disgusting thing I've experienced in my 20 years game programming history.

"Nobody pretends that the next AAA-title will be written in JavaScript. The community understands that it's magnitudes slower than native code"

Obviously no. Most web standard adbocates insist that all software will and should be web based. They must be criticized.

— NinjaWarrior, on "Letter to John Carmack" 22

I don't want to defend Javascript. I want to hack out some code.