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AP Physics C (Delve Class)

AP Physics C is taught over approximately thirty classes over the entire school year, for Delve 2011-2012

Course Materials

Homework Assignments

All assignments are given from Giancoli's Physics, except where otherwise given. Level I problems are drill problems that just test the ability to regurgitate information learned. Level II test problem solving skills on some basic level. Level III problems are generally chosen to be fun, and are usually hard. Finally, the suggested readings are usually sections of the book that contain some interesting information.

  • Class of 3/01/12

    Quiz on capacitors, inductors, and circuits containing them. The quiz is online.

  • Problem Set 16 (Given 03/25/12)

    Capacitance. More discussion of RC, RL, LC circuits. Problems were slow this week, again, because both Pavel and Jeffrey were very busy. Sorry!

  • Problem Set 15 (Given 03/18/12)

    Capacitance and capacitors. Dielectrics and diamagnetics. Inductors. Derived the transient equations for RC and RL circuits, and also analyzed steady-state behavior. Sorry for how late these problems came out; Pavel and Jeffrey were very busy coming up on Spring break.

  • Class of 2/04/12

    Quiz on magnetic fields and Faraday's and Ampere's laws. The quiz is online.

  • Problem Set 14 (Given 02/26/12)

    More problems on Faraday's Law of induction. A problem discussed is that of a loop of wire in the magnetic field of a wire; see the live demo/simulation of this problem.

  • Problem Set 13 (Given 02/19/12)

    Faraday's Law of electromagnetic induction. Generators, metal detectors, transformers, and ground fault circuit interrupters.

  • Problem Set 12 (Given 02/12/12)

    More currents, wires, and magnetic fields. A long derivation with the Biot-Savart law and a discussion of various applications of magnetic fields.

  • Problem Set 11 (Given 02/05/12)

    Current, wires, and magnetic fields. Ampere's law for finding the magnetic field in nice circumstances. Finally, a brief discussion of the duality of electric and magnetic fields due to special relativity, and how the world of a photon looks.

  • Class of 1/29/12

    Quiz on electric fields and potentials, Gauss's Law, and basic circuits. The quiz is online.

  • Problem Set 10 (Given 01/22/12)

    Circuits and solving circuits with resistors.

  • Class of 1/15/12

    Cumulative quiz on all of mechanics. If you lost yours or did not manage to be present, a copy is online.

  • Problem Set 9 (Given 01/08/12)

    Quick multi-variable calculus introduction (volume, surface, and path integrals). Gauss's Law. Electric field of a plane of charge.

  • Problem Set 8 (Given 12/18/11)

    Beginning of electricity and magnetism. Charge and Coulomb's law, and charge distributions. Electric field and electric potential.

  • Class of 12/11/11

    Quiz on energy and statics. If you lost yours, a copy of the quiz itself is online.

  • Problem Set 7 (Given 12/04/11)

    Rotational kinetic energy and problem session on energy.

  • Class of 11/27/11

    Energy: potential and kinetic. Gravitational potential energy and Kepler's laws.

  • Class of 11/20/11

    No class due to ESP Splash running.

  • Problem Set 6 (Given 11/13/11)

    Statics and balance. On braking bikes and poorly-constructed hotels.

    Level I
    Problem 9.2, 9.7, 9.13, 9.14, 9.17, 9.36, 9.57, 9.59, 9.63
    Level II
    Problem 9.25, 9.27, 9.29, 9.37, 9.62, 9.71, 9.67, 9.73
    Level III
    Problem 9.80, AP Physics C 2008 Mechanics, question 2.

    Suggested Reading: Section 9-7, "Spanning a Space: Arches and Domes", in your textbook.

  • Class of 11/6/11

    Quiz on kinematics, force, and momentum. If you're interested in looking it over and have lost your copy, both the multiple choice and free response portions are available.

  • Class of 10/30/11

    Class canceled due to snow fall. I know, crazy!

  • Class of 10/23/11

    A Spicy Delve day. Momentum problems. Angular vs linear momentum.

    Next class is a quiz day, so no homework to let y'all study.

  • Problem Set 5 (Given 10/16/11)

    Momentum and collisions. Angular momentum. How to punch properly.

    Our apologies for how long it took to put this up; there have been difficulties getting a textbook to get problems out of.

    Level I
    Problems 7.4, 7.8, 7.18, 7.25, 7.36, 7.38, 7.42, 7.52
    Level II
    Problems 7.14, 7.21, 7.30, 7.37, 7.39, 7.45, 7.52, 7.59
    Level III
    Problem 3-12 in Kleppner

    Suggested Reading: Section 7-9, "CM for the Human Body", in your textbook.

  • Problem Set 4 (Given 10/9/11)

    More forces and torques; springs. Writing differential equations. Happy Columbus Day, everybody!

  • Problem Set 3 (Given 10/2/11)

    Forces and free-body diagrams. Torque and moment of inertia.

  • Problem Set 2 (Given 9/25/11)

    Kinematics problem session. Also a short lecture on Special Relativity.

  • Problem Set 1 (Given 9/18/11)

    Trigonometry and vectors; kinematics in 1 and 2 dimensions.