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Advanced Donut Theory

This class discussed a variety of basic and not-so-basic facts about donuts:

The Donut Industry
Current large players, consumption in the US and abroad; recent trends in donut consumption; the rise of big industry; and the recent bankruptcy of Hostess.
The History of the Donut
Dutch settler roots and evolution from the oliekoeks; the invention of ring donuts by Hanson Gregory; and the later evolution of donuts into filled and unfilled donuts; jam and custard; and the late invention of donut holes. The etymology of "donut" versus "doughnut" was also covered.
Donut Eating Techniques
Best techniques for eating filled and ring donuts; important considerations; and the combination of donuts with tea, coffee, or milk.
Donut Classification
Classification of donuts by yeast versus cake donuts, topological types, and the special properties of donut holes.
Donut Mathematics
Topology; homogeneity; surface area to volume ratio; packing density.
Donuts in Popular Culture
National Donut Day, Tour de Donut, culture such as the Simpson's. And various other references throughout modern American culture.

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