Pavel Panchekha


I am Pavel Panchekha, a Ph.D. student at the University of Washington. I study new abstractions for programming, including new programming languages.

I like email (PGP key) and in-person meetings. I am “pavpanchekha” on Github and Hacker News.


Major Projects


  • Expressing and Verifying Probabilistic Assertions, PLDI 2014
    A. Sampson, P. Panchekha, T. Mytkowicz, K. S. McKinley, D. Grossman, L. Ceze

    The paper is available. Adrian Sampson introduces this work, including a video.

  • Distributed Shared State with History Maintenance, CSAIL TR 2013
    P. Panchekha, M. Brodsky
  • Blame Trees, WADS 2013
    E. D. Demaine, P. Panchekha, D. A. Wilson, and E. Z. Yang

    The paper and slides are available. Edward Yang introduces this work, including a video.

Emacs Libraries

Python Modules

Configuration Files

My system wouldn’t run without its configuration files! My Emacs configuration was commented and put online, and the rest live in a Github repository.

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